Tamara McHatton

Strong Heroes -- Stronger Heroines

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Welcome to my web site, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I was born in a quaint Florida town becoming a lifelong beach babe. I was a Special Forces wife spending many years immersed in the secretive community of the brave soldiers whose fates never make it to the headlines. It’s a hard life, both for these special soldiers and their families. Too much of it is painful, personal, and private. Suffice it to say that my own military marriage became just another statistic. Three children and twenty years later…time marched on.

I met my Perfect Hero -- an engineer, triathlete, and cover model -- he helped me realize dreams and enabled opportunities I could never have imagined in a short time. He is a very special man that makes me happy

Special thanks for the photo to Forever Xpressions

all the time, I have so many things to thank him for. We wed on Halloween and I moved into his house just a few feet away from the river.

Over the last few decades I’ve been a reviewer, editor, book cover model, photographer, pose-down model, cover artist, writer, college student, event coordinator, semi-thrill seeker. I continually boast of my three handsome and extremely talented sons as well as six grandkids. I rescue animals and love to cook. Our newest passion is tandem surfing.

I'm just getting started with another chapter in my life and hope to bring you more tales about the heroes in uniform or out of them, be it Special Forces, Secret Service, or Gladiators. These champions deserve their own stories, their own loves, and their own lives...so follow me on an adventure you'll never forget.

~Tamara McHatton